Earplay Account Linking: Amazon Alexa

If you have an Amazon Echo, Kindle Fire, or any other Alexa-enabled Amazon device, you can register for a personal account on Earplay directly through the device.

  1. Use your Alexa's wake word to enable the Earplay skill. Say, "Alexa, enable Earplay."
  2. The Link Account button is located on the Earplay skill page.
    1. From the Alexa App on your phone, use the dropdown menu on the top-left to navigate to Skills, then use the top-right button to access "Your Skills." Earplay should now be visible in your list.
  3. Within the Earplay skill page on your Alexa app, click the "Link Account" button to complete the registration form on your phone, or log-in using the e-mail you registered with on our website.
    1. We ask you to provide your birth date because some of our content is best suited for an older audience.
    2. If someone in your household is under the age of 14, we will soon offer support for Parental Controls so you can determine which stories your kids can access without adult permissions.
  4. Once you've confirmed, you can login from Earplay Account Access and change your personal settings. All Earplay stories you play or purchase will now be associated with your registration e-mail address.

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