How do I use the gestures for stories enhanced with Bose AR?

After the story begins, you'll be prompted to provide input the same as with voice, except with stories enhanced with Bose AR you can move your head to gesture instead of speaking.

The story will provide a prompt that makes it clear which movements you can choose from to perform a gesture.

Choose one gesture. If you try to do several movements, it may not register, or the engine could pick one out of those you perform.

Avoid slow gesturing. If you move your head too slow the gesture may not be recognized. Perform the gesture quickly and deliberately, coming a rest after performing it, just like arriving at silence after you finish speaking a phrase.

Once you've performed a gesture, come to a neutral still point. For example, if you keep nodding or keep shaking your head the recognizer may not be able to stop listening. That would be like speaking and not stopping. If the recognizer doesn't know that you're done, it could have trouble with beginning to process the information on your movement.

If the wrong gesture is recognized, be cautious about where you are looking or pointing your head as you receive the prompt. If you are looking down at the ground when you receive the prompt, but then you look upward in order to shake left and right then it's possible that the recognized gesture will be Look Up, or Nod.

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