How do I connect and calibrate my Bose AR-enabled device?

Earplay has designed a process for you to use when connecting and calibrating your Bose AR-enabled device. By following these steps, we can ensure that your head gestures are monitored and recognized with the high accuracy necessary for you to have a great story experience.

  • Before you open the Earplay iOS application, the Bose AR-enabled device should be on and paired with your iPhone through Bluetooth.
  • Open the Earplay app and tap the white Bose AR logo in the upper left of the library screen

  • On the Connect screen, press the Connect button

  • On the Device Picker screen, tap to select your Bose AR-device. This will connect your device to the Earplay application.

  • Now that you're connected, you'll need to calibrate the sensors. Follow the instructions on the Requires Calibration screen. Start by setting the device down for 5-10 seconds

  • Continue to follow the directions, pointing and holding the device in the different directions, occasionally setting them to rest again, until you see the screen change to new instructions and a yellow indicator

  • Repeat the movements of the instruction and include left and right tilting motions. (It's okay if it goes back to red. Sometimes it will go back and forth.)
  • After about 30-60 seconds of using these calibration techniques you should reach the goal and land on the green success screen. You're now ready to use the device to play stories enhanced by Bose AR.

If you have difficulty with calibration, visit the Calibration Troubleshooting page.

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