Earplay Stories on iOS

If you're an iOS user, there are several ways for you to access Earplay stories using just your iPhone or iPad!

  1. The Earplay app can be used to experience any of our free and demo content, including the Earplay Demo, Half, the Orpheus Device intro short, and the first chapter of Codename Cygnus.
  2. To access full-length and premium stories, search the iOS app store for the story title, download, and login to that app using your Earplay account.
    1. Currently, there are no standalone Earplay stories available for download on the iOS app store.
  3. You can download the Google Assistant app and use it the same way as a Home device, without needing to purchase one.

NOTE: Codename Cygnus: Reactivated (chapters 2 through 7) can only be played by invoking "Codename Cygnus" - not  "Earplay" - with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

You can play a legacy edition of Codename Cygnus on the iOS app store here, but note that this app is no longer being updated for new versions of iOS. An in-app purchase is required to play the full story, while the Reactivated edition is free with your Earplay account.

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