Setting up a new Google Home device

Everything you need to set up a new Google Home device should be included by the seller.

  1. Plug the included power adapter into an outlet and wait for your Home speaker to power up.
  2. Download the free Google Home app on your mobile device.
    1. iOS App Store
    2. Google Play
    3. Web Browser
  3. In the Home app, you can scan for nearby devices and choose which one you'd like to set up.
    1. Make sure your mobile is connected to your own WiFi network, and that you are next to the device while setting up.
    2. You will be prompted to allow location services, to log in to your Google account, and to provide other information to the Home app that is necessary to tailor your Google experience to your area and preferences. Earplay does not receive this information from your Google Home.

Once your app confirms that setup is complete, you can talk to Earplay! Just say, "OK Google, start Earplay."

If you need more help, you can also read Google's longer Home setup guide here.

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