Setting up a new Amazon Alexa device

Everything you need to set up a new Alexa-enabled device should be included by the seller.

  1. Download the free Alexa app:
    1. iOS App Store
    2. Google Play
    3. Amazon Appstore
    4. Web Browser
  2. Plug the included power adapter into an outlet and wait for your device to power up. The light ring should turn orange before Alexa greets you.
  3. Connect the device to your WiFi network using the guided instructions in the Alexa phone app.
    1. If you cannot connect to WiFi, try unplugging and then restarting your device.

Make sure you know which wake word your device is set to respond to (it might be Echo, Amazon, or Computer instead of Alexa) - and then you can start talking to Earplay! Just say your wake word and then "enable Earplay."

You can also see the Amazon article on setting up a new Echo device here.

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